What a challenge it was to schedule an interview with Laura Pleasants! Not that the lady, who officiates as a guitar player and singer/screamer for Kylesa, is totally unavailable or completely recalcitrant to interviews. It was simply a matter of bad luck: our first attempt was cut short after only a few minutes because of a dreadful connection, and the interview was then postponed no less than four times (!) by our correspondent for reasons beyond our respective controls. We were starting to wonder if we were ever going to be able to do this interview. But here at Radio Metal, we’re the stubborn type, especially when an interview holds so many promises. Static Tensions and Spiral Shadow, the two latest releases of the band from Savannah, are real masterpieces, and we just knew (don’t ask why or how – we just do) that behind these records are truly smart and fascinating musicians. Our intuition didn’t lie.

In the end the interview did take place, and Laura turned out absolutely charming and rather talkative on the phone. There’s no doubt to us that the fans of the musical UFO that is Kylesa will be in seventh heaven when they read what the lady had to say. Not only will they learn much about the band’s latest album, but they will also discover several details pertaining to the band’s past, the story of his creation and what drove them to welcome two drummers – among other subjects.

But enough talking. It’s now time for the artist to express herself.

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