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W.A.S.P. show cancelled in Lyons – what’s gotten into them ?

W.A.S.P.’s show at the Ninkasi Kao in Lyons has been cancelled at the last minute, even if the concert had already been sold-out for several days. For the 500 people who were expecting to hear some seriously heavy music that night, incomprehension is the main feeling. Some spectators were already waiting by early afternoon. The staff from My Reference Events, who had remained on the scene, had to explain to them that the show would not take place. But exactly what happened that could justify the cancellation of this sold-out concert on the day it was supposed to take place, when the band was already there?

Here’s the official statement from My Reference Events:

« W.A.S.P SHOW IN LYONS CANCELLED. Following a decision from the band’s entourage, we are deeply sorry to announce that tonight’s show at the Ninkasi Kao has been cancelled. My Reference Events and the Kao team wish to apologize for this news. The tickets for the show are refundable in the usual stores. The Toulouse show is maintained. »

Two days ago we spoke to Stéphane from My Reference Events during Anarchy-X and asked for details regarding this surprise cancellation. Here’s a summary of the interview, which you can also listen to in its entirety in French.

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