Songs and legends from Trans-Siberian Orchestra by Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill is one talkative man – it took him no less than twenty minutes to answer the first question in the following interview! And every one of his answers is literally sprinkled with cultural references and an obvious, overflowing passion for art. These kinds of excesses are exactly those you can find in his work with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a band with “musicians from all over the world”, “24 lead singers” and “no less than 328 people in the crew only”, with whom he creates rich rock operas – including a trilogy about Christmas – and addresses a very large audience. His references go from Tchaikovsky to Dickens and Hugo. And that, along with the larger-than-life shows the band offers, is precisely what makes them one of the biggest ticket sellers in the US.

But they’ve not quite met with the same tremendous success on the old continent yet. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, whose career started in 1993, landed on our shores for the first time three years ago and is only coming back this year, with a first show in Paris on January 14th. But let’s Paul O’Neill tell us all about that himself, in length and in detail, in the course of many digressions. It was also the opportunity to talk about the fate of Savatage, a highly talented band for which he’s always worked from the shadows, and whose activities have been at a stop since 2002.

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Tarja has moved on

Tarja Turunen is not easy to interview, as you sometimes need to ask a question several times before you can get an honest answer, instead of rehearsed wooden language that doesn’t have much to do with the question. By the way she talks or acts, by her harmless answers, much too positive to be credible, the vocalist reminds us of some exasperating politically correct pop artists you might see on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Apart from that unpleasant feeling, the interview (ending with the signing of a ham package, which started our collection of weird objects with artists’ autographs on them) happened to be interesting. Tarja is talkative and happy to tell us about personal anecdotes like her encounter with the Scorpions, or her musical tastes (did you know she was a Slipknot fan?), etc.

Though she is open to being once again part of a band, one thing is sure: with Nightwish, it’s over (as if it were still possible to doubt that) and, by the way she avoids the matter, she really doesn’t want to get into the whole media warfare her former band mates have been waging against her, and she refuses to have anything to do with them from now on.

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