Devin Townsend : the wisdom of the fool

“Wise” is not the first word that comes to mind when talking about Devin Townsend. All of us would have gone for adjectives like “eccentric”, “off the trolley”, or even plain old “crazy”. And it would only be legitimate, since his music is undeniably eccentric, in more than one respect.

Being the humble guy that he is, Devin Townsend could tell you himself: he’s like everybody else, and like everybody else, he sometimes has weird ideas. But unlike most, he welcomes them fully. Being crazy and having a strong taste for eccentricity are two different things – and Devin describes his own eccentricity as simple honesty. The problem is not that his honesty is on the margins of society; rather, it reminds us of the “craziness” that we all harbor and have been taught to refrain, or, more generally, of certain truths that we refuse to see. In this respect, Devin Townsend is not crazy. Nor is he incoherent, or even on the fringe.

More than anything, he’s extremely wise. It shows everywhere in this interview, and in all the other. His wisdom is in his restraint, in his refusal to acknowledge other people’s opinion (without disregarding it), and in his decision to seize the day and forget that everything could come to an end one of these days. And even that wasn’t always the case, because wisdom happens when we take into account the inherent instability of the human race.

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