Philip H. Anselmo: an animal’s philosophy

When Phil Anselmo talks to you, it’s hard not to frown, grimace a little and nod slightly due to that heavy voice, churned up by years of good service within Pantera. That very voice, that unique voice, reveals the true nature of the man who speaks: raw, wild, hypersensitive – exactly like the two songs available on a split EP with Warbeast, War Of The Gargantuas. The way for Anselmo to profess once again his love for extreme music.

But that’s only a matter of opinion, for the three words we used earlier, showing the extreme side of the man, could be replaced by the following: honest, straightforward, and sensitive. Those are the characteristics that stem from his words. When he says the rage boiling within him nowadays is a better proof of his wisdom than in the past, we’re inclined to believe him. Anselmo looks at the past and at the present with some philosophy. No doubt this is a result of the “invaluable knowledge” he has acquired from past experiences.

One thing is certain: Anselmo is very proud of the solo album he’ll reveal soon. We talked about all that and more with a very friendly and honest vocalist, who turns out to be an excellent candidate for interviews.

Read and listen to the interview below.

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