Jonathan Davis (Korn): his battle against do-nothingness

With guitarist Head’s return, it can be said that Korn was eagerly awaited by the crowd. But if there is one thing that Korn doesn’t listen to anymore – or at least pretends not to listen – it is what the audience expects. A few ranting people demand that the band forget about its dubstep experimentation and come back with a fundamentally metal album? Thus Korn offers them “Never Never”, one of the poppiest songs of its career. « I like going against what is expected, I like doing what you’re not supposed to do, » explains singer Jonathan Davis in the following interview.

But the main tasks undertaken by the band was on one hand seeing how Head’s return would work out and on the other hand going forward with their new album. The result is The Paradigm Shift, neither another version of The Path Of Totality, nor a renunciation to its roots. It is first and foremost an album full of contrasts where Korn puts to practice the know-how it acquired over the years more than ever before.

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Korn “doesn’t give a fuck”

Following the example of David Vincent (Morbid Angel) and his now famous “They’ll figure it out”, regarding Illud Divinum Insanus, Jonathan Davis remains supremely serene in the face of all the reactions the band’s last album has provoked. Above all, what matters to him is his personal artistic satisfaction – and that of Korn’s. “Being an artist is a selfish thing per se, it has to be”, Steven Wilson told us once. Something Davis can only approve wholeheartedly. He thus talks phlegmatically about the fact that, with each new musical evolution from Korn, the band lose some fans but gain others, a phenomenon they’re quite used to now.

The vocalist described the work that had to be done for this record, The Path Of Totality, as well as the complexity of the writing process, due to the novelty of the mix it represents. Still, Davis sees it as a coherent mix, and sees “a lot of similarities” between dubstep and metal.

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