The Night Flight Orchestra: A trip through classic rock

The Night Flight Orchestra - David & BjornThe fashion in rock nowadays leans towards retro, with a superabondance of bands offering their own version of the “seventies” or “eighties” spirit – with various degrees of success. The Night Flight Orchestra and their retro sound have a certain something that clearly sets them aside from the teeming masses and will make you feel that they did not simply jump into the bandwagon. The following interview does nothing but strengthen that feeling: first of all, the musicians’ experience gives them a certain intuitive freedom in their music and allows them to explore every aspect of classic rock. And above all, The Night Flight Orchestra never lapses into 70s pastiche or 80s irony. Their music is genuine, passionate, and full of joie de vivre – all qualities that are clearly highlighted in their second record, Skyline Whispers, that we just can’t recommend enough.

We talked at length to the two men behind one of the most exciting classic rock projects of the last few years: vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid and guitarist David Andersson, both of them known for playing in Soilwork, a highly different but still extremely talented band.

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