Trevor Dunn (Tomahawk) is one of these weird guy whom we call an artist

Are bass player Trevor Dunn and the great Mike Patton inseparable? Both met in high school, when they were kids, and discovered that they had in common a kind of intellectual marginality. Since, they’ve been involved in different projects, in the first place the sorely missed Mr. Bungle, but also Fantômas or with the whacky sax player John Zorn. As Dunn replaced Kevin Rutmanis in Tomahawk, this duo is currently working again together. Both share a complete “I do what I want” attitude to give free rein to their extravagances. And when we asked Dunn if he thinks he has already gone too far, he simply answers : « It’s just music, you know! »

After six long years, Tomahawk have released Oddfellows, their new record and follow-up to Anonymous. Oddfellows may not be the craziest record in which Dunn and Patton are involved, but we do find again this creative freedom that we love in them and that Duane Denison, the band’s conductor, has always managed to inject into his work in Tomahawk.

It was therefore the opportunity to do a little interview on the phone with Dunn, so that we could know more about the record, but also about his artistic self and about his relationship with Mike Patton…

Read the interview…

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