Some bands have stars, Unisonic have a team

With their latest album, Light Of Dawn, Unisonic have proven that music is a bit like soccer, and that what matters most is teamwork. When a crucial member of the team has to remain on the substitutes’ bench, he has to be able to trust his colleagues to do the job and score without him. That’s precisely what Unisonic did when their star guitarist Kai Hansen became unavailable. Bassist and producer Dennis Ward got his hands dirty, and the end result is an album that not only meets expectations, but also appears coherent with what the band offered on their self-titled album. Michael Kiske himself was surprised “that Dennis, in a very fresh way, wrote songs like “Your Time Has Come”. That’s a classic Helloween song. » Teamwork is what’s driving Unisonic – a band the former pumpkin-man considers to be “very different from everything else”, with “real chemistry”, and which he compares to what he experienced with Helloween in the first few years.

The singer hasn’t shown such enthusiasm in the past twenty years, especially for a band where he embraces metal fully. For metal is a genre with which he’s had a complicated love/hate relationship in the past, and in the following interview, he explains the complex nuances that underline it. Dennis Ward, who’s the real revelation of this album despite being a veteran, was also part of the interview. The two men talked about this new album, the way they dealt with Hansen’s absence from the writing process, their vision of what a producer should be, and much more. A very generous conversation, which reveals the camaraderie between two musicians on the same wavelength.

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