Interviewing Blaze Bayley is, by essence, a rather indecent business – for, in order to understand and analyze his work, you have to ask him terribly indiscreet questions. And the man answers with great honesty, not trying to hide his vulnerability, his voice shaking, and sometimes leaving heavy silences stretch, as if trying to keep himself from letting himself go. The kind of conversation you conclude with a big knot in your stomach.

We therefore talked about discouragement – the main subject of the song “One More Step”, where Blaze seems to be tearing his heart out to sing –, depression and even suicide, an option he’s already considered several times. Most notably, the former Iron Maiden singer told us more than once over the course of the interview that he was “an underground artist”, like some sort of mantra. On a more concrete note, we talked about his latest album, The King Of Metal, on which he expresses his extreme devotion and his gratitude towards his fans – the only thing that makes being away from his family bearable. This album was also an opportunity to pay a sincere homage to Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), whom he liked as a musician and as a person with an exemplary way of life. He also addressed the question of his separation with the former members of his band with great humility.

And because a funny comment was very much needed, he concluded with a saying of his own invention, supported by Paul Di Anno’s hair evolution: “When you give up Iron Maiden, you give up your hair”.

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