Amorphis: the duck that lays the golden egg

The universe was supposedly born from a duck egg. A strange idea, that.Crazy stories abound in the folklore, legends, mythologies and literature of each and every country. But the Finnish people probably had one drink too many before they came up with that one. But then again, British writer Terry Pratchett tells the story of a world in the shape of a gigantic pancake, supported by four elephants, themselves carried on the back of a turtle swimming through the cosmos. No limits, right? Just like there seems to be no limits to the quality of Amorphis’ albums. And their latest production, The Begining Of Times, just happens to feature the afore-mentioned egg as its cover art.

Amorphis release their fourth album since the fantastic Tomi Joutsen joined the band as a vocalist. The charismatic singer gave the band one hell of a new lease on life. Even if the Finns’ musical orientations are no longer surprising (you can blame the continuity instituted since Eclipse for that), we have to admit that the band evolves at a high level. As in, very high. We’re still waiting for one single faux pas, one ounce of bad taste, one note that shouldn’t have been there. So far, we’ve been waiting in vain. Amorphis goes forward and the music doesn’t waver – to a point where it could almost become boring.

But enough rambling; let’s see what Amorphis’ founder and solo guitarist Esa Holopainen has to say about the new album, the band’s past and duck eggs.

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