Blackfield: Aviv Geffen in the spotlight

What with Steven Wilson being a jack-of-all-trades in perpetual motion, fluttering from one project to the other, Blackfield has become a complex entity. Although Aviv Geffen, the actual man behind the band, takes care of composing the albums, it was Steven Wilson’s fame that put the first two records, Blackfield and Blackfield II, in the spotlight. But as Aviv Geffen himself tells us in the following interview, Blackfield’s fans know who he is now. What could be wrongly seen as Wilson’s umpteenth personal project began to be considered as something more with Welcome To My DNA.

Aviv Geffen will tell you all that himself. He also talks about the involvement of Brett Anderson and Vincent Cavanagh on the new record, and about his vision of pop music – a genre that would put the wrong sort of tag on his music, when his main goal is simply to deliver good songs.

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Volk-Man (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter) could pretty much teach history, sociology or geopolitics. Basically, he has knowledge, eloquence and is able to captivate and maintain your attention. It is for this reason that this interview flows easily from one subject to the next : from philosophy to open-mindedness in music to the latest political events taking place in North Africa. In fact, he has quite strong opinions about the Occidental attitude towards Egyptian and Tunisian affairs.

At the end of the interview, the discussion was largely about the relationship between rock music and the German language, as well as their sad heritage that the Nazis left on the German music culture.

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