Andi Deris (Helloween), a realistic optimist

Nothing seem to bother Helloween, who keeps on releasing records every two or three years since the beginning of its career. Just routine? Not necessarily. First because the line-up changes in the past – even if the current one (since 2005) is their steadiest, just as told us guitar player Sascha Gerstner – never let it happen. In this respect, it’s surprising to notice how Helloween, despite this, never lost any coherency nor its immediately recognizable sound, even in its deviations. But also because we can see that the band has kept some kind of enthusiasm that encourages them to look for new kinds of sounds to spice things up. Thus their new album, Straight Out Of Hell, is slightly different from its predecessor; going back to a more positive, more “Happy happy Halloween”, as we can say, kind of sound.

We had the opportunity to dissect every part of this new album and to talk about it with Andi Deris, who’s been the band’s vocalist for almost twenty years. He also shared with us his optimism, condemned nowadays money cult, and even evoked his relation to God. The singer also turned out to have seer talents, maintaining to us – with strong arguments – that the world wouldn’t end on the 21 of December 2012. A prediction that, as we can now notice, turned out to be absolutely right!

Read the interview.

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