The stories of Orphaned Land

There’s no shortage of things to talk about when you interview Orphaned Land. And that’s just as well, because vocalist Kobi Fahri is an excellent customer in terms of interviews. The man is simply charming and open to discussion in any shape or form.

So we talked about stories. There was of course History itself, which has become inevitable in the band’s music and lyrics – and then there were more specific stories, like Chen Balbus’s, who saw his childhood dream come true when he joined Orphaned Land. Kobi talks about him in glowing terms, praising his skills with the modern tools of music and underlining his massive devotion and involvement, despite his recent arrival. Kobi also mentions the story of Johanna Fakhry, who danced on stage with Orphaned Land at Hellfest 2011 with a Lebanese and an Israeli flag, and thus incurred the wrath of her own country.

The interview below, simply called “Stories”, reminds us that, because of one’s education, of one’s place of rearing, or simply of the way one gathers information on a given subject, one can see History in a very different light.

But because music remains the most important thing, we also talked about the writing and recording of All Is One, the band’s new album, more accessible in order for Orphaned Land to spread their word in a simpler way.

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