Peter Wiwczarek (Vader) shares the secrets of fire

Vader is one of the veterans of the very active and renowned Polish extreme scene. For thirty years now (the band was created in 1983, although their first album was only released ten years later), and despite all the line-up changes, Vader’s leader Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek has consistently been moving forward, driven by passion, as he says himself in the following interview. It was a good opportunity for us to reminisce on his career and ask him what the thirty-year mark meant to him. But Vader is a band that doesn’t stagnate, as proven by the latest album, Tibi Et Igni, which was released last May. The death metal it offers is more formidable and efficient than ever, with an old-school side that will remind everyone that Wiwczarek finds his inspiration in the fundamentals.

Also, because he was one of the very first extreme metal musicians to come from Poland, and because he saw that scene (especially its proudest representative, Behemoth) develop firsthand, it was interesting to ask him about the incredible success story of Nergal. Because we’re nice like that, we’ll share his very interesting answers with you.

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