Triptykon: black is black

There is a form of wisdom in the words of Thomas Gabriel Fischer, aka Tom Warrior, the leader of Hellhammer, then Celtic Frost, and now Triptykon – a band which, as its name suggests, is a kind of final phase in the triptych that was the frontman’s artistic life. It’s the kind of lucid wisdom that allows one to see the reality of the world in minute detail, without trying to run from it – or not right now, at least. “I’m more afraid of remaining on this planet that I’m to choose the other option…”, he says with great honesty. The liberation of death holds a prime place in his thoughts, his music, and his spirituality. And when he talks about it, he does so with incredible softness, his voice controlled, almost down to a whisper, and friendly. There’s something comforting in his speech, but also something heart-rending when he brings up darker, more intimate thoughts.

Dark thoughts are precisely at the heart of his new album, Melana Chasmata, released four years after the band’s first record. The result of “a very complex gestation periode”, the record is all at once deep, carefully thought out, and striking. In the future we might even call it a masterpiece, even if Tom Warrior doesn’t even see himself as “a good musician” and doesn’t give his music “too much importance”

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