Gojira: Joe Duplantier answers your questions

Gojira’s case raises a lot of questions. Even though it’s seen as a source of national pride and an achievement for these guys from Bayonne, the band’s contract with Roadrunner Records is worrying for some of the purists, who fear the comfort the financial means of a big label bring will destroy the band’s enthusiasm. Vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier fully understands these concerns, and he answers them with the never-ending humility that characterizes him. During this interview, we took the opportunity to shatter some preconceived ideas about labels or the band’s financial condition. It would be a mistake to think it’s as big as the band’s fame, and Joe talks honestly about it.

Nevertheless, Gojira manage to make a living from their music, even if it isn’t the most accessible kind. We therefore had to ask him advice on how to make it in this world.

We also took the opportunity to learn more about the musical evolution in the band’s next album, the lyrics, and the Sea Shepherd EP we’re still waiting for.

The following is an extremely rich and thorough interview with a very nice man who managed to remain simple, contrary to what some bitter (or jealous) people may think.

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