Brian « Head » Welch (Korn): God and Metal

Brian "Head" Welch - KornThe Hellfest storm has abated, the wind has died down and the sand has settled. Calmly. Peacefully. Head, Korn’s co-founder and guitarist, who left the team in 2005 only to come back in 2013, has met God and His son. He has spent time away from the rock business to write and publish his first autobiographical book, the aptly named “Save Me From Myself”. Since then, long before he was even back in Korn, he’s been spreading the good word and sowing his Christian ideals in the metal world. At the end of the month, French-speaking people will be able to read his second book, “Stronger: Forty Days of Metal and Spirituality”, a collection of his favorite verses and the personal thoughts that go with them.

In the leather-smelling Gibson bus, Head is waiting to answer questions regarding his faith, his beliefs and his dogma. What are his thoughts on extreme metal bands? What is his position nowadays in the rock business? What do some of his tattoos mean? As you’ll see for yourself, the man doesn’t so much turn the other cheek as offer to hug the entire world.

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A few years ago, Neal Morse left Spock’s Beard and distanced himself from the music industry to devote himself to God. Since then, given what his faith has brought him,it has become extremely difficult to write about anything else than his relationship with God, in his albums. Together, we talked about this relationship. With no gratuitous preaching on his side, Neal Morse believes that faith lies within someone and is personal, making it important to distinguish God from some religions, which are “really men-based, and not God-based”.

We also used this occasion to take the pulse of his relationship with Spock’s Beard, and of the future of a possible collaboration with his former colleagues, as well as with Transatlantic.




Cristian Machado provides great interview material. When asked a question, he takes a deep breath, thinks for a while, then he spills everything out like a brainstorming, and does his best to have it make sense. We’re far from the pre-arranged answers you get from other musicians. Even better, he’s glad to illustrate his answers with personal anecdotes, and he isn’t afraid to speak from the heart.

Here, at Radio Metal, we love these interviews that take us somewhere else entirely, just like our chat with Arjen Lucassen. So right in the middle of this interview, we went off course for a while, as Cristian touchingly told us about his childhood. Growing up overseas, with no ties, and oblivious to his father’s identity, young Cristian was in awe when he discovered an Iron Maiden album. The memory is still crystal-clear, and he tells us all about it. The story allowed us to debate about what brought us towards heavy metal, which, in the end, doesn’t have that much to do with Ill Niño, but turns out to be by far the most interesting part of this interview.

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