Seth Siro Anton: dark art in all its forms

Seth Siro Anton is not only Septic Flesh’s bassist and vocalist – he also happens to be one of the most respected and fashionable visual artists of the time. As such, he’s behind the cover arts of many bands, including Nile, Ex Deo, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Kamelot, and Exodus. The personality that shows through is art would be unmistakable among a thousand covers. It’s therefore no surprise that the man is so sought after, even if some don’t hesitate to accuse him of repeating himself. A criticism he understands but considers unjust: “Sometimes I use the same elements […] but it’s intentional”.

Even if he’s aware of the quality of his work, Seth is a naturally humble man, who doesn’t fear to voice his respect, sometimes even his admiration, for other artists, including the Duplantier brothers. He even goes as far as saying that Gojira are among his favorite bands, and that he would love to collaborate with them.

The frontman was getting ready to tread the boards at the Motocultor Festival (in France) when we met him. Although he was obviously tired, he showed much enthusiasm when we asked him to talk about his work as a visual artist, going as far as inviting us to his dressing room to discuss that subject and many others. A very spontaneous interview which ended up lasting longer that planned, and which, in Seth’s own words, turned out to be particularly interesting.

On the menu today: the state of the economy and of the music industry, art in general and, of course, his art in particular, since that remains the central theme of the interview. Although not much was said about Septic Flesh or the band’s music, at the end of this chat, he did share his feelings regarding their next album. According to him, it should be an important milestone for the band, and they should start composing it in the next few months.

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