Napalm Death display the truth like a chunk of spoiled meat

After a while, you get used to the hoarse vocals of death metal, the grating vocals of black metal, and the crazy speed and aggressive guitar sounds of extreme metal. Aside from the artistic result, our ears and body can actually enjoy the various sound effects that can make a layman cringe. That’s not really the case with Napalm Death, a band that, despite a long career, keeps on releasing albums that prove an ordeal to dedicated fans and beginners alike. This is the result of constant self-challenging, evolution and studio experimentations, meant to push the limits of extreme music. It’s not only about speed, but about a wider sound spectrum as well, from the vocals to the choice of notes and frequencies.

When you add this desire to systematically disturb the listener to lyrics than denounce the behavior of powerful people, it’s easy to see a classic causal link – in-your-face music for a committed message. And yet, the main goal of the band is simply to make music they like and, at their own level, to make a contribution to a less unfair world.

On the occasion of the release of Napalm Death’s latest record, entitled Apex Predator – Easy Meat, the always witty Mark “Barney” Greenway took stock for us on what exactly makes the essence of the band.

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