Geometry of the art according to Karnivool

With only two albums, and especially with the second Sound Awake, Karnivool managed to attract attention and create excitation. With Asymmetry released earlier this year, the Australians reached a new level, with an album that doesn’t fail to impress in terms of mastering and creativity. Karnivool is what progressive metal ought to be: artistically demanding, clever yet not necessarily elitist. Asymmetry suggests, just like Tool’s art to which they are often compared, that we could be surprised and amazed by the band’s future releases.

As complete as Asymmetry may be, the conception of this album and the functioning of the band show that Karnivool still has a margin for progression. It is what guitarist and main composer Andrew Goddard suggests in the following interview. He admits, for example, that the band should improve its collaborative process and that they are just beginning to “understand how this works and what the strengths of each band member are”. A band therefore informed, both regarding its art and itself, with a promising future.

We discuss this with Andrew Goddard below…

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