Paul Gilbert gives his guitar a voice

Playing music is – or at least should be – all about questioning yourself. And being famous the world over as one of the very best with one given instrument doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn or discover. Despite all his years of experience and his status as a guitar hero, Mr. Big’s guitarist Paul Gilbert (who also gives guitar lessons online) is still awed by his instrument and is not done exploring it from every angle. His new solo album, Stone Pushing Uphill Man, mainly made up of covers, proves just that and is the result of an experiment: the guitarist was indeed trying to replicate the expressiveness of a singer’s voice with his instrument, which helped him rediscover it.

This is the main subject (but not the only one, since we also talked about Mr. Big) of the following interview, where we tried to understand the motivation behind this album and everything the project entails. Through his answers, Paul Gilbert could open the eyes – or rather the ears – of many a guitarist, or more generally, many a musician

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