Doubt everything – Even Cult Of Luna

To Cult Of Luna’s Johannes Persson, one of the saddest things these days is the lack of critical sense shown by music enthusiasts, journalists, and, society as a whole. But it’s all good, because his disappointment turned into artistic inspiration: Cult Of Luna’s upcoming album, Vertikal, revolves precisely around this subject, against a background of revolt inspired by Fritz Lang’s movie Metropolis. Said lack of critical sense can sometimes lead to regrettable actions.

A few months ago, Johannes dropped a media bomb to our colleagues over at Metalorgie, when he announced in the middle of an interview that the story of Holger Nilsson and his wife’s murder, which was supposed to have inspired the album Eternal Kingdom and the book that followed, was a complete lie, meant to test the critical sense and meticulousness of the press. Johannes tells us what this experience meant and what consequences it had on him. At the end of the interview, he emphasizes the importance to not accept any information blindly and to question everything.

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