Uriah Heep will never stop travelling

… first of all because they get most of their inspiration from the places they get to see on tour, not contenting themselves with wandering around in the hotel room or the concert hall. But most of all, because Uriah Heep doesn’t plan on retiring from doing music anytime soon, as long as there’s someone to listen to them. At least, for now: the band does not plan anything in the long term, same as for their guitarist Mick Box.

We had a chat with him for the release of their latest album Into The Wild, the title symbolising what it means for the band to release new songs to the world. Uriah Heep has been moving forward for the past 40 years without pressuring themselves in any particular way, specifically concerning the renewal of their musical style, which is useless according to Mick Box: don’t end up being second best by trying to adapt to what is being done at any given moment! By the end of this interview, the guitarist will also tell us about his will to play more often in France


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