Hellyeah will give blood for blood

After releasing four albums with Hellyeah, drumming legend Vinnie Paul is definitely back on track. The band is going forward at a determined, confident pace, seeming barely even concerned by the turmoil that caused the departure of guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob “Zilla”. Vinnie Paul doesn’t want to hear about a Pantera reformation. Vinnie Paul is looking ahead to forge a new legacy with Hellyeah.

In the following interview, the man talks about Blood For Blood – “the best fucking abum we’ve ever made”, according to him – and the latest line-up changes. More generally, he also talks about the spirit that’s driving the band, their motivations, their goals, and his own history. Just in case you missed our dossier on the subject, it was also a good opportunity to talk about the 20th anniversary of Far Beyond Driven, arguably Pantera’s heaviest album. And let’s not forget Vinnie Paul’s other passion, food, which always makes his mouth water and his eyes light up.

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