Phil Campbell isn’t afraid to speak his mind!

In the documentary « Lemmy : The Movie », Mikkey Dee states “we are not faking it”. Motörhead is a band that takes full responsibility for itself. Motörhead will not hide the fact they made a load of cash via a Kronenbourg commercial. Motörhead are not afraid of clichés either.

As we entered the backstage area, we are not greeted by the Phil Campbell we are expecting to meet, but rather the perfect image of a rock star in all of its glory and excesses. There is nothing missing from this picture besides perfect a line of coke on the coffee table. To start off the guitarist, already dressed in his elegant scene attire, genuinely asks “you don’t intend to take any pictures, right? I haven’t shaved!”. He is holding a glass of white wine in one hand and a suggestively dressed young lady no older than twenty-five years of age in the other. Basically, this is the whole package. Ironically, we were intending on asking Phil about the fact that “Lemmy: The Movie” breaks down some of these rock’n’roll clichés. Then Phil offers us some beers from the heavy buffet (thank you Kronenbourg). When someone offers you a drink from Motörhead, they stick to it and it’s a question of honour.

The interview was going well until we asked what seemed to be a somewhat insignificant question that we had almost removed from the list. Without taking into account Phil Campbell’s damaged ego (an ego that comes out various times throughout the interview), he drops a bombshell answer in which he expresses his displeasure with the directors of “Lemmy: The Movie”.

Alright, enough with the teasing: here is the interview held only a few hours before the band were playing the Halle Tony Garnier.

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