Blind Guardian: Inside Hansi Kürsch’s imagination

Imagination is, without a doubt, an artist’s best tool. In literature and art, the frontier between real life and imaginary worlds has often been represented by mirrors. They show us a world similar but opposite to the one we live in, a world we’ll never be able to reach. What if artists were explorers, possessed of the key to step through the mirror and come back with memories from their travels, pieces of dreams that will give us laymen a glimpse of these unattainable worlds?

Mirrors, imagination and fantasy worlds that reflect the real one are precisely the foundation of Blind Guardian’s new record, Beyond The Red Mirror, which is a conceptual sequel to Imaginations From The Other Side, released 20 years ago. This extremely Blind Guardian-sounding album, full to the brim with musical prowess, is a new cornerstone for the band in terms of orchestration – an appetizer before their long-expected fully orchestral album, that should be the culmination of their career in this respect.

Hansi Kürsch talks about Blind Guardian’s ambitious new album and explains the links with the 1995 album, for an in-depth analysis of the band’s imaginative world.

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