Guardians Of The Temple

As we were saying a few days ago : Blind Guardian are among the last guarantors of good taste in the world of heavy metal. Consequently, ever one of their releases deserves our undivided attention, all the more because they’re rare. After keeping their fan in suspense for months with studio videos and pictures, the band finally deliver their new album, entitled At The Edge Of Time. And as usual, quality is the order of the day.

Blind Guardian even dared to offer a less catchy, but denser and richer album. At The Edge Of Time is the kind of album that not only should be listened to several times to assimilate all its subtleties, but also that can be listened to several times without becoming tired of it.

André Olbrich is one of the masterminds behind Blind Guardian, as well as a talented guitarist, with an easily recognizable sonority. He’s nothing less than one of the guarantors of the band’s personality. For all these reasons, André was summoned by the higher authority of Radio Metal and asked to yield all his secrets.

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