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It’s always wise to be wary of pre-listening exclusive events. The excitement of hearing something new and the intrinsic rarity of having access to an object that is not yet available, can often create falsify your emotions and make you idealise the moment more than necessary.

This is especially the case with an album as dense as Avantasia’s new album. For this latest release, Tobias Sammet didn’t want to have any regrets and he gave it his all. As he admitted in the interview taking place afterwards, this album represents the greatest accomplishment of his life, despite appearing somewhat sad and happy at the fact of turning a new page, yet slightly worried about not knowing what to do next. Wicked Symphony/Angel Of Babylon is like a festival, compiling all musical aspects of the saga for the past 10 years. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, do not click on this link (Spoiler inside).

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