Eryn Non Dae comes to terms with its honesty

During the writing and the recording of its new record Meliora, out since October, Eryn Non Dae (formerly known as END) set the tone very soon basing their communication on the record’s topic: metamorphosis, especially the one by which someone evolves towards “something bigger”. By describing such an introspective trip in a record said to be “especially dynamic”, with a lot of contrasts, maybe the band is trying to transcend itself, on a human and on a musical level.

The downsides of the way humans interact with technology is one of the things that are tormenting guitar player Franck Quintin, whose sayings may sound innocent but are declared with unwavering conviction. Eryn Non Dae doesn’t make any compromise both artistically and marketing wise, taking the time they need to write their songs and communicating only when they’ve got something to say. Eryn Non Dae is a band who is completely at ease with the fact that their art is hard to grasp and that it makes it difficult for a label to work with them, even if that means that they might be left aside.

A band coming to terms with its honesty.

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