Winger will see better days

Born at the end of the 80s and pretty successful from the get go, Winger was brought down in the mid-90s when Beavis and Butt-Head made a mockery of them and when Lars Ulrich used the band’s frontman Kip Winger as a target for a game of darts in Metallica’s video for “Nothing Else Matters” (at 2’55). « I think that the band is a very misunderstood band and we have a lot to offer people », Kip tells us. He then goes on to explain that the band was nothing like the ersatz Bon Jovi is was made out to be. Talking to Kip Winger on the phone was a good opportunity to bring up these subjects, recall an era the band had a difficult time with, lay waste to the misconceived ideas people might have had about them, and discuss the duality of their music, all at once progressive and pop.

But prejudices belong to the past and Winger is now soaring up again. The band was reborn in 2006 with their album IV, but it was Karma in 2009 that made the headlines – and now Better Days are most definitely Comin’. Kip Winger is proud of the music he makes and of all the care he puts in it. Because to him, only music matters.

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