Nightwish: Tuomas Holopainen’s dreams

It was a dream; now it’s a reality. Nightwish’s leader Tuomas Holopainen, a cinema and soundtrack enthusiast for years and years now, has now achieved what he had probably always dreamed of, even unconsciously. Imaginaerum, written as part of a project combining a movie and a record, sounds more like a soundtrack than a collection of songs. If Nightwish’s albums have always displayed a certain coherence and openly boasted influences from Hollywood film music composers, like Hans Zimmer, it’s the very first time the result is that close to the original stuff.

There’s more behind every ambitious project than just glamour, money and comfort. On the contrary, the biggest dreams demand the biggest amount of sacrifices, blood, doubts and lack of comfort. Making a movie is just a little more expensive than producing an album – even for a big band like Nightwish. At some point, moved by the overpowering desire to reach a result (“It was that kind of feeling, when you think you cannot look at yourself in the mirror unless you do certain things”) and a naïveté he easily confesses, Tuomas was even close to selling his house.

On a lighter subject, the keyboard player told us a few amusing anecdotes from the set of the movie, confessing his awkwardness as an amateur actor and his inability to cry on command.

Between the genesis of the project and the efforts needed to make it a reality, the music on this special and incredibly varied album (probably the most varied in the band’s career), the movie itself and the shooting, the upcoming tour and, more generally, the band’s future, we weren’t exactly short of questions.

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