Rival Sons, descendants of the Seventies

With Rival Sons, everything evokes the 70s, from the music itself to the production and the crazy pace of album releases. Head Down is therefore a title that highlights this approach and this spontaneity. The band is particularly proud of their working rhythm: “We will keep up with this rhythm. We aim to release one album a year”. Let’s mark our calendars, then. We talked to guitarist Scott Holiday, who confirmed some musicians are definitely fed up with current productions. He mentioned his intense disappointment at the remastered version of Pearl Jam’s Ten, in 2009, which, according to him, “didn’t need that”.

Rival Sons are neither pro- nor anti-religion – they’re not even politically committed –, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say or denounce. For them, it was therefore important to talk about the colonization of American territories at the expense of Native American peoples. We also talked about the very interesting video for the song “Keep On Swinging”, which, without going as far as condemning the Catholic religion, seems to denounce religious exaltation – a sometimes scary attitude.

The band’s potential was already obvious to us from their records and stage performances. Many people seem to agree, which has allowed them to tour with prestigious bands, from Evanescence to Judas Priest, and to convince highly different audiences every time. Scott Holiday admits that this success is due to a happy yet coincidental mix of different factors, but he nevertheless tries to give some advice to young musicians. That could very well be linked to a certain moustache…

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