Electric Wizard: the Wizard is dead, long live the wizard

“We believe in tradition over novelty and stuff. We love tradition.” Contrary to many artists, who deny having a voluntarily retro stance, Jus Oborn wants to claim it loud and clear: with Time To Die, their new album, Electric Wizard remain true to themselves. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since the previous record, Black Masses (line-up changes, breaking-off of the deal with their historical label, Rise Above), but the core of the band, made up of Liz Buckingham [guitar] and Jus Oborn [vocals], seems stronger than ever: they complete each other’s sentences, look for the other’s approval… In short, the bond between the two masterminds is obvious.

Between two drags of a makeshift pipe made from a can of 1664 beer, the two jovial musicians answer our questions with a pinch of self-derision and the sincerity they always boast, without hiding their enthusiasm and their various disappointments. Among other subjects, we talked about their disillusions, their love of solitude and do-it-yourself, and their projects for the future.

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