Moonkings: Adrian Vandenberg is painting a new picture

After almost two decades without hearing a word from him, we had a lot to talk about. Adrian Vandenberg’s trail vanished after the release of Whitesnake’s Restless Heart in 1997 – at least for rock fans. For the Dutchman is a jack of all trades: a guitarist first and foremost, he’s always doubled as a painter (he was behind the artworks for his solo band, Vandenberg, in the 80s, and for Manic Eden in 1994) and is currently considering becoming a sculptor. And when he’s not looking for musical inspiration in his workshop – and vice-versa –, he’s looking for it in the kitchen, cooking French cuisine.

Because now is “the right time”, he’s finally back in music with a new band, Moonkings, made up of unknown musicians. The point was not to create a super-group, but a great group, a band of brothers, who spend the better part of their rehearsals “rolling on the floor laughing” and won’t quarrel over ego matters. Don’t look for ego in the name either: the band is officially called Vandenberg’s Moonkings, but this is a temporary situation, scheduled to change when the band has made a name for itself. The goal is not to capitalize on the leader’s past, particularly with Whitesnake. If the first album features a cover of his former band with David Coverdale, it’s only a matter of friendship.

All these subjects are just the tip of a true iceberg of an interview, where we covered most of his career to this day. A generous talk, like the music Adrian Vandenberg offers with Moonkings.

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