Entombed A.D. is ready for the front

Hard times for Entombed! Now led by vocalist and only remaining original member L-G Petrov, the band was looking forward to release their new album, Back To The Front, six years after Serpent Saints. But in the end, they had to wait nine more months for said album to see the light of day, due to grim legal affairs opposing the band and their former guitarist Alex Hellid regarding their name. Little is known regarding the reasons and circumstances that led to the musician’s departure. So when we called Petrov on the eve of the album’s release, we tried to shed some light on the matter. “It’s strange!”, he kept repeating regarding the former guitarist’s attitude. It’s quite obvious he bears him a grudge and cannot quite understand the situation himself.

In any case, Entombed A.D. (for such is their new name) is now back in fighting form. This new album shows a desire to go forward – and quickly, at that – and to explore the death metal essence of Entombed once again. Petrov isn’t the kind of man who likes to quibble and waste time on sterile considerations. For him, things should be done instinctively or not at all. We grilled the vocalist about his vision of music, and more – which he explained good-naturedly and with some humor.

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