Periphery: divide and gather

There’s a band that has been making actual leaps forward since the beginning of their career, reaching new levels with each new album, whether in terms of music or creative methods. Although Periphery was founded by guitarist Misha Mansoor, well-known for his contributions to SoundClick and various forums, the other members have progressively started to take part in the writing and composing process. With their new double album Juggernaut, the band has become a fully collaborative entity. Actually, causal relations being what they are, this record would probably not have grown so big had the musicians not joined forces. The talents that make up the band were also probably consolidated by Clear, a very special EP released last year, where each musician became executive director for a song that developed from a shared basis.

At least that’s what Jack Bowen, one of the sextet’s guitarists, explained in the following interview. There’s no doubt nowadays regarding Periphery’s artistic ambitions, and the band is therefore establishing itself as a leader.

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