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Radio Metal et Metalorgie présentent : No Comment Saison 4 – Episode 23

Radio Metal, en partenariat avec le webzine Metalorgie, vous propose la saison 4 de la rubrique No Comment. En voici l’épisode 23.

« Voilà pourquoi les groupes devraient rester underground ! Pour rester à l’abri des commentaires cons ! » a-t-on vu de la part d’un anonyme internaute qu’on ne remerciera jamais assez pour nous avoir révélé le seul argument valable pour rester underground. D’ailleurs, comme l’affirment nos cyniques confrères de Metal Sucks : « Les mecs qui postent des commentaires sur YouTube sont les plus gros connards de la planète ». Car toi, primate.php des temps modernes, tu te crois à l’abri derrière ton écran et l’anonymat de ton pseudo. Cette rubrique hebdomadaire répondant au doux nom de « No Comment » a pour objectif de te mettre le nez dans ta merde et, à notre modeste niveau, de te médiatiser dans l’objectif de rappeler aux détracteurs du metal qu’ils ont raison de l’être. Chaque semaine, Radio Metal propose à tes semblables de voter en commentaire de notre article (attention : les votes sur notre page Facebook ne sont pas pris en compte) pour élire le commentaire de la semaine. Les votes s’arrêtent de facto chaque dimanche à 23h59.

RÉSULTATS ÉPISODE 22 : Courte victoire du candidat D qui se fait mettre la tête dans son caca par le scrutin.

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Music Premieres   

Exclusive Sneak Preview: in the cave with Benighted!

Benighted is a brutal death metal band formed in Saint-Etienne (France) in May of 1998. A few months ago, the five-piece signed with Season Of Mist ; a nice reward for a band that managed to make a name for itself by performing in every place possible in our beloved France.

With their sixth album entitled Asylum Cave, Benighted return stronger than ever to deliver their usual amount of hard work and face-kicking. We’re offering you a chance to discover their brand new song « Fritzl » exclusively on Radio Metal. This song, following Benighted’s tradition, varies from disturbing atmospheres to violent outbursts.

Asylum Cave will be released on the 29th or March.

[audio:benighted-fritzl.mp3|titles=Benighted – Fritzl]

Music Premieres   

Exclusive sneak preview: Before the Dawn, and before the release of the album, even!

Great surprise! Before The Dawn is about to release its sixth album (already!), Deathstar Rising. The Finnish mix efficiently heavy metal (with guttural singing) with gothic melodies worthy of Amorphis. The result is refreshing, original and catchy.

Deathstar Rising will be released on the 25th of February.

For this occasion, Radio Metal and Nuclear Blast present you a sneak preview of Deathstar, with its catchy refrain, here and in our playlist.

[audio:before_the_dawn-deathstar.mp3|titles=Before The Dawn – Deathstar]

Music Premieres   

Exclusive Sneak Preview: on the road to the apocalypse!

Radio Metal, in partnership with Nuclear Blast, presents you a sneak preview of the new track « Dr Pest », from Die Apokalyptischen Reiter‘s new album « Moral & Wahnsinn », which is to come out on the 25th of February 2011. After Licht, it is the second album to be written exclusively in German. The singer and bassist Volk Mann confirmed us yesterday on the phone that the band does not intend to produce tracks in English anymore. « Writing in English does not help that much anyway, we still remain a band with an unpronounceable German name. »

The album’s title, « Moral und Wahnsinn » (Morality and Insanity) suggests that the concepts of morality and insanity are not universal, but relative. As always, the German band follows the international current affairs and their album offers an analysis of the world’s mechanisms.
You’ll find more explanations on that topic in the interview of the very talkative Volk Mann, which will be available here in a few weeks.

Till then, you can enjoy « Dr Pest » here and in Radio Metal’s playlist:

[audio:die_apokalyptischen_reiter-dr_pest.mp3|titles=Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Dr Pest]

Music Premieres   

Exclusive new song premiere: Evergrey with “Restoring The Loss”

Evergrey deserves your utmost respect. No matter the conditions in which they have to play, no matter the size of the audience and no matter the ordeals they have to deal with, the music and its sharing with the fans remain the number one priority of these Swedes. Following a massive wave of departures from the band, leaving leader Tom Englund and keyboardist Rikard Zander the only two left, it’s an almost completely reconstituted band (once again excellent musicians and good backing vocalists) coming back from afar with a new endeavor entitled Glorious Collision, which is to be released on February the 28th. A refreshing album for the fans, including all the elements Evergrey’s audience appreciates: a powerful yet precise guitar tone, hard-hitting songs, melodic with that touch of melancholy soaring from Englund’s voice, once again full of sincerity and vulnerability.

Radio Metal, associated with SPV, would like to use this occasion to offer you an exclusive preview of a song of the album: the amazing “Restoring The Loss”. Let’s take a moment to notice the brilliant music arrangement. Not being particularly dense, the keyboard lines are discrete and subtly placed. A constant on the album. “Restoring The Loss” happens to be of exemplary moderation: no real solo, only a few fast runs here and there, to remind us that in Evergrey, they know how to play. The band does just enough to remind it, but stays rigorously simple. Let’s note the presence of a pleasant arpeggio, bare and simple, serving as a bridge for a few bars.

Finally, let us not forget (not a chance!) the chorus of this song, which will be the reason why you won’t be able to listen to it only once. You can listen to it (and re-listen to it) right here, and on air with Radio Metal.

[audio:evergrey-restoring_the_loss.mp3|titles=Evergrey – Restoring The Loss]

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