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Judas Priest: five more years of music and press conferences?

Actually, the opportunity presented itself. Since we were at Colmar last Sunday for the Foire aux Vins festival, and Judas Priest held a press conference before their show, we took our Smartphones and started filming. Obviously, the sound isn’t great, so we transcribed the whole 11 minutes of the bands conference – well… more of Rob Halford (vocals) and Glenn Tipton (guitars) who speak a lot more than the others.

Usually in a press conference, the media gets a whole bunch of clichés and commonplaces from the artists and don’t have much to work with in the end. In this particular case, it’s worth noting that Glenn Tipton claims (with a smile, but still…) to want to keep on making music with Judas Priest for five years. The band does seem to be pretty far from bringing a final halt to its career. Consequently, since this press conference given during the Epitaph Tour is worth it, we’ve decided to share it with you in both video and written format.

Watch and read the press conference.

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