Monster Magnet: Psychedelia traveller

Monster Magnet never stopped being Monster Magnet; and Dave Wyndorf (singer) doesn’t really care whether some people think they know what it means. The New Jersey band is back with Last Patrol, a psychedelic album sounding much similar to their first opuses. After all, the act had never really left that place where Wyndorf musically fell in love for the first time, and where he always goes back to, for example on stage when the band interpreted their albums Spine Of God and Dopes to Infinity over the past few years.

So what is the only difference with this new space-rock travel? More control, and some free zones, delimited spaces left to improvise. And what about the drugs? If Wyndorf always refers to doping products in his lyrics, the singer admits that writing when he’s high is not the best he can offer. He doesn’t think psychoactive drugs can be creative catalysts and prefers telling the stories of his different adventures with a clear mind. An interesting point of view, between many others – such as his views regarding the “Opium of the People” for example, that Wyndorf shares with us in the following interview.

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