Adrenaline Mob: honor in family

When Russell Allen talks about Men Of Honor, Adrenaline Mob’s latest album, with his three-year-old son Jack banging away on his drums in the background, things get a little complicated. But it also proves a fact: Adrenaline Mob is a family, a united spirit, a binding mafia with its own honor code. It therefore comes as no surprise that this album should, from its very introduction, be inspired by the image of the mafia. Despite Mike Portnoy’s rather sudden departure, Adrenaline Mob has never once considered giving up – on the contrary. Those musicians are totally committed to the band, love what they do (as the vocalist is keen to remind us), and felt the need to reassert their cohesion after the drummer left.

Russell Allen explained to us what the Mob really entails, in its substance as well as in its shape. The writing process, which is his responsibility as well as Mike Orlando’s, takes place in the shed-studio built in the backyard and is going at high speed – after all, big engines are just another passion in the Allen clan! The following interview is rich, sometimes funny and often friendly, and we even remembered to talk about his original band, Symphony X. So dive in!

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