The Ocean into the depths of their art

The ocean is what is the most immense on this planet, and it is far from being entirely explored. Finally, it is like art which always offers something to discover for he who desires to penetrate it. It is thus no surprise that the ocean intrigues man, and particularly artists, and artists like… The Ocean. A band originally created as a group, which takes pleasure in always stretching its limits, whether musical or conceptual.

With Pelagial, it is not the ocean’s stretch that has so interested Robin Staps, the band’s leader, and his fellow musicians, but its depth and its gradual atmosphere changes, moving from light to darkness, from noisiness to silence, with time slowing down little by little. It is also a way to compare it with human psychology in the work’s singing version. It can’t be said that The Ocean has chosen the easy way, even if Robin Staps tells us that Pelagial is an album that is meant to be easily accessible and obvious for the listener: “You don’t win anything if you demand to much from the people”.

It is the reason why Pelagial is probably the most accomplished work of the band, but also the most accessible one. We therefore took some time to talk about it with Robin Staps, who reveals us the secrets of this fascinating journey into the deep and his strong connection with the marine environment.

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