Kirk Windstein : “We are what we are”

A few weeks ago, Metal Sucks published « 15 things you didn’t know about Kirk Windstein » written by Kirk himself. We are about to learn a 16th fact about him. After interviewing him (at different times throughout the day to avoid scientific exhaustion), studying him and performing a series of brain numbing calculations, we have come to the following conclusion: Kirk Windstein is constantly awake. Whatever time it is, he is out of bed and constantly yawning (proof on video).

It’s clear to say that Kirk is always his natural self. This explains his self-assured comments on the raw quality of Down’s latest live album: “It wouldn’t have been right to re-master it”. The fact that he is so rigorously spontaneous, to the extent that they never considered re-touching Phil Anselmo’s mediocre vocals on this album, is respectful proof honesty. This comment isn’t even out outweighed by a statement such as “we are what we are”, using the same freedom of speech he chose to employ whilst describing his relationship with alcohol and recent sobriety.

Kirk also admits having fully exploited Down’s commercial potential in order to, I quote, “pay the bills” and by placing Crowbar on standby to achieve this. This absence, which provoked such a following, explains the excitement surrounding the release of their excellent latest album Sever The Wicked Hand. A new page has been turned and the guitarist predicts a busy future for his three bands Down, Crowbar and Kingdom Of Sorrow.

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