Napalm Death: trying to change things

Not so long ago, I stumbled upon a video on TV, which, with a healthy dose of humor and cynicism, denounced the fact that, on the occasion of almost every presidential election of the French fifth republic, every future president made more or less the same promises, which could be summarized thus: “I will be the President who brings change”. While of course, at the same time, accusing their predecessor of being opposed to said change. Far from sharing the view that “politicians are all rotten anyway”, Mark Greenway, aka “Barney”, Napalm Death’s emblematic frontman, blames the lack of change on the political system and its restraints, rather than on the people who make it up – some of them having, after all, a concrete project.

Changing society and fighting for its ideals are life-long struggles, whose results are barely, if at all, visible. But as Barney would put it, it’s better to “try and do something and make very small steps, rather than do nothing at all and have no doubt”.

This interview is of course not all about society, but also about music. About Napalm Death’s music and its possible evolutions, and about music in general, with Barney insisting on the importance of judging a piece of art with spontaneity and through one’s emotions, rather than through classifications, of which the metal audience remains very fond.

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