Pain Of Salvation: Léo Margarit, the other French touch in Sweden

After Daniel Guildenlöw, the mastermind behind Pain Of Salvation, three months ago, it was drummer Léo Margarit’s turn to answer our questions in Anarchy-X on October 25th.

Léo joined the Swedish band in 2007 following the departure of Johan Langell. Given the vibe and playing of the later, we could expect his replacement to be difficult; however it is now obvious that Léo has managed to find his place within the band and regarding the fans. Nothing that surprising after all, given his talent first as a drummer but also as a vocalist, a determining criteria for Pain Of Salvation since the vocal harmonies have an important place in the band’s music.

We had Léo on the phone. This was the opportunity to sum things up with him and talk about the two albums he has done with the band. Two very particular albums in the band history since they let aside the metal component for a more seventies feel. We’ve also tried to find out more about the recent departure of Johan HHallgren, guitarist and vocalist for whom it will, without a doubt, be tough to find a replacement.

Worth noting, Léo has also worked with the band Zubrowska and has took part in Within Temptation’s guitarist Ruud Jolie’s new project called For All We Know, which was released last april, among others.

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