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TIME, THE VALUATOR dévoile le nouveau single « Ivy »

TIME, THE VALUATOR a sorti un nouveau single, intitulé « Ivy », le 4 août 2022 via SVP Entertainment. En savoir plus …


Tobias Sammet explains the Avantasia mystery

We already knew he was a joker, but Tobias Sammet is also a little rascal! He’s just like Carambar, really. A few weeks ago, the famous brand of candy announced they would stop printing their infamous jokes in the wrappers – but that in itself was… a joke. Well, Avantasia did the same thing: in a way, saying that the band was going to stop was a joke. But hey, we never said Avantasia itself was a joke…

Joking aside, while Carambar’s stunt was a nice marketing plan intended to put its products in the spotlight, Tobias Sammet’s own creativity simply caught up with him. He’s lucidly realized that he couldn’t predict anything about what his future will be made of and where his inspiration will take him. But after all, isn’t that the best sort of surprise for the fans – to receive something they didn’t expect? At any rate, Sammet takes all this with philosophy and sincerity. In the following interview, he talks about The Mystery Of Time, the new Avantasia album, which should get a little brother in the years to come in the shape of a Part II. But should we believe anything this man says?

We hand over to Tobias Sammet…

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