Intronaut refuse to compromise their creativity

The story of Intronaut would be enough to discourage any musician willing to try and make a living with his passion. Just imagine: you can open for Tool, Meshuggah, and Mastodon on their American tours, play sold-out venues every night, release critically-acclaimed albums, and still not make enough money to survive. That’s the harsh reality of today’s musical industry. But it won’t deter a band like Intronaut, who put free artistic creation before mercenary considerations.

Firmly rooted in jazz, with a few flirty jaunts towards Indian or African percussions, Intronaut’s musical statement is rather broad and doesn’t restrict itself to post-core/sludge, far too narrow an environment for these musicians. One of the band’s two vocalists/guitarists, Dave Timnick – also a member of V.T. Void, Justin Chancellor’s (Tool) other band – talked to us about Intronaut’s composition process, a passion for jazz so strong it transpires in their work, as well as their latest album, Habitual Levitations, which places the bar slightly higher than its predecessor, Valley Of Smoke (2010), especially vocally.

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