Anthony Vincent (Ten Second Songs) in twenty questions

Aside from Anthony Vincent’s sudden success and unquestionable vocal talent – both of which tend to draw attention –, it was mostly curiosity that drove us to contact him. For Ten Second Songs has led us to ask ourselves unusual questions: How does he do that? How does one “compose” such a sequence of styles? How does one learn to sing in so many different ways? And, most importantly, how is it possible to genuinely love both Britney Spears and Kataklysm? Given all these musical contradictions (which include a few guilty pleasures) and the various professional hats Anthony wears, where does his true musical personality lie?

The following interview will let you discover the man who made mainstream magazines (sometimes even people magazines) talk about Cannibal Corpse without even meaning to. A man who doesn’t hide the fact that he misses the excitement and feeling of danger that some bands used to inspire in the 70s, 80s and 90s, despite the growing presence of provocative content in today’s music.

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