Toto are still holding the line!

In 2008, when guitarist Steve Lukather confirmed he was really leaving Toto – and, therefore, that the band was done –, he was fairly adamant. At the time there seemed to be no hope of ever seeing the band back on stage. In truth, as he explains at length in the following interview, the guitarist was at the end of his tether and saw no reason to keep afloat a band that was no longer truly Toto. In a way, his reaction showed he was a man of integrity.

Still, what seemed improbable eight years ago has become a reality: Toto and the high-school friends that make up the band have treaded the boards again. First it was to come to the aid of another long-time friend, then to celebrate their 35th anniversary, and now they’re releasing a new album, entitled XIV. And they’re doing it for the right reasons, too, even if there was some encouragement from the justice system… but ‘Cause that’s what’s really bringing Toto together and helping the band move forward: long-standing, genuine friendship. In this respect, the guitarist is very outspoken in his comments about former singer Bobby Kimball (even if he carefully avoids mentioning his name most of the time), whom he obviously doesn’t hold too dear. On the other hand, he’s completely devastated when he confesses that there’s no hope for bassist Mike Porcaro, who suffers from a grave disease, and that “there’s no hope at this point” (ndlr: interview conducted before Mike’s death).

We talked with Steve Lukather about Toto’s return, the new album, the future of this group of highly talented musicians, and much more, with complete honesty and in a very friendly way.

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