Kyuss Lives! in Heavy Metal Food: John Garcia takes his time

Interview after interview in Heavy Metal Food, I realize that the topic of food fascinates people and my guests are no exceptions. Every one of them gives his opinion on the matter and enlightens us a bit more about our relationship with food and about the difficulty of eating healthily, especially on tour. This week, with Kyuss Lives! I give you the words of a true epicurean, and his words will have you drooling all over them. As far as I am concerned, by the time I reached the end of this interview, I had the most insane craving for barbecue-grilled Spanish sardines.

Stay Hungry. Stay Metal.

Gilles Lartigot « The Heavy Metal Cook »

Interview conducted on june, 19th, 2011 at the Hellfest Open Air Festival (Clisson, France)

Kyuss Lives!’s website : Kyusslives.com


Queensrÿche puts new wine in old bottles

If there’s one band to have always had a love/hate relationship with its audience, it’s Queensrÿche. Particularly since their 1997 album Hear In The Now Frontier Grungy, misunderstood by most of the band’s fans. Actually, even before that, with the now legendary Operation Mindcrime, the band had been frowned upon when they presented one of the first digital productions ever, purposely cold, sharp and more focused on the high frequencies compared to the industries standards at the time. But Queensrÿche doesn’t care about the criticism they often get, simply because they don’t want to repeat the same formula from one album to another. Not everything is great in the Seattle-based band’s discography, but when it is, it’s generally amazing. As proof, consider the great American Soldier and its poignant concept from 2009.

In the end, it’s truly the love for music – in a large sense, free of boundaries or rules – that motivates vocalist Geoff Tate and his team. That is made clear when we listen to the man talk about Dedicated To Chaos, the band’s latest album.

But apart from music, Tate has another passion: oenology. He even has his own wine production called Insania. Being the wine-loving Frenchies that we are, this was the occasion to talk about that matter at the end our chat.


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